Las Vegas Sun: Emily’s List enters Nevada legislative races

Seven Republican state lawmakers are now “on notice.”

“In their short tenure in the Legislature, [the Republicans] already amassed records of voting against hardworking Nevadans," said Jessica Post, Emily’s List senior director.Emily’s List, a Democratic political committee that spends money to help elect pro-choice women, is targeting GOP lawmakers in an effort for Democrats to win back the majority in the Legislature.

Six of the seven GOP lawmakers are first-term incumbents and include Las Vegas Assembly members Derek Armstrong, Vicki Dooling, Brent Jones, Erv Nelson, Victoria Seaman and Stephen Silberkraus. They all ousted Democrats in the 2014 midterm election, which saw Republicans win legislative majorities and the state house seats. Only one of the Republicans has a registration advantage. Emily’s List, which spent $60 million on races last year, said it is preparing for the 2020 redistricting that will happen nationwide, hoping to secure Democratic districts for the next decade.

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