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Nicole works as a prosecutor in the gang unit at the Clark County DA’s office, putting the most violent criminals behind bars. She’s fought for justice for victims and families in cases that range from child abuse, sexual assault, homicide, to other violent crimes. Nicole also believes in justice and safety for all of our families, no matter where they live or what they look like. She understands equality under the law is not guaranteed and must be fought for. She believes in holding police accountable and improving training for officers so all of our families are safe.

In the legislature, she’s fought for the most vulnerable in our community, including passing legislation that increased penalties for domestic violence and cracked down on elder abuse. She also protected our seniors by making it harder for Wall Street to cheat hard-working Nevadans out of their hard-earned retirement savings, and she led efforts to crack down on identity thieves who especially prey on seniors. 

Nicole understands that, while it is critical that we keep our communities safe, we also need to make sure our system is more just, and that’s why she’s fought for criminal justice reform. She worked to make sweeping overhauls to Nevada’s criminal justice system to reduce recidivism and decrease the prison population of low level, nonviolent offenders. She also helped pass legislation that authorized a person convicted of an offense that has been decriminalized, such as possession of marijuana, to have their record sealed and civil rights immediately restored.

Nicole supported legislation that banned for-profit prisons in Nevada, and allowed wrongfully convicted persons to receive compensation for damages, waiving the state's immunity for liability, and ensured all records related to wrongful convictions are sealed.


Nicole will always work to ensure our neighborhoods and communities remain safe, while also fighting for a more equitable justice system.

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