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Nicole grew up in a working class family. She’s the proud daughter of a waitress and a bartender who were both members of the Culinary Union Local 226. Nicole will never forget her working class roots, and that’s why we can count on her to stand up for Nevada working families.


The past year has been tough on Nevada families as our state’s economy has taken a hit in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Nicole has been on the frontline of efforts to help Nevadans weather the storm, cutting through red tape at DETR to help clear the backlog of unemployment claims and helping establish a rental assistance fund for those people struggling to make rent. Nicole believes we must look at every option to get small businesses and families who are struggling through this pandemic back on their feet.

Nicole believes that we must take the lessons from this pandemic and the last recession and work to diversify Nevada’s economic portfolio beyond our traditional reliance on the tourism industry. She supports efforts to bring new, high-tech industries to Nevada, particularly when those efforts are paired with guaranteed job opportunities for Nevadans.


One emerging new industry in Nevada that Nicole has championed is the renewable energy sector. With an abundance of natural resources, Nicole knows that our state has the ability to be a nationwide leader in the green industry economy. She supported policies like increasing our Renewable Portfolio Standard, a carbon reduction plan, and community solar projects. Nicole knows that the green industry will not only ensure that we diversify Nevada’s economy and provide good-paying jobs for Nevadans, but will also help in statewide efforts to address the global climate crisis.

Nevada’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and that’s why Nicole believes that it’s critical to support our local and small businesses. She knows that we need to support Nevadans who are willing to take a risk and start a new business. That’s why she supported legislation that helped small businesses get off the ground and expand operations by eliminating barriers and aiding business owners obtain crucial financing. She also helped establish a loan program for small businesses and businesses owned by minorities, women and the disadvantaged.

Nicole also believes in giving everyone a fair shot at economic success and leveling the economic playing field for everyone. That’s why she helped pass a bill raising Nevada’s minimum wage by $.75 per year until it reaches $12 per hour in 2024. She was also a leader in the fight to pass paid leave legislation for Nevada employees.


Nicole understands that the more financially secure our middle class and working families are, the stronger our overall state economy will be.

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