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Nicole wants to make sure all Nevadans have access to quality, affordable health care. She is not afraid to take on big health insurance companies who want to drive up health care costs and leave patients with gaps in coverage. One of her top priorities as Senate Majority Leader was passing legislation that prevented health insurance companies from denying Nevadans coverage for pre-existing conditions. She also passed legislation that protected Nevadans from surprise medical billing when they receive out-of-network emergency care.


Nicole also isn’t afraid to take on big pharmaceutical companies who continue to charge more for prescription drugs each year, making it harder for Nevadans to afford the medicines they need. She helped establish the Silver State Scripts Board which increased transparency in prescription drug pricing and authorized public and nonprofit healthcare plans to use the Medicaid formulary. She also passed legislation requiring asthma and insulin drug makers to disclose information about the costs of making and marketing those drugs if pricing has increased in the previous two years.

Nicole believes more transparency in drug pricing will help us better address the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs.


Nicole understands that our Nevada’s health care system faces many challenges, particularly in terms of recruiting and retaining doctors and medical specialists. That’s why she worked with Governor Sisolak to pass legislation that created the Patient Protection Commission, which is made up of industry representatives and patient advocates that are conducting a holistic review of health care issues in the state, including prescription drug costs and health care access.


Nicole believes that we must do more as a state to provide Nevadans more access to affordable insurance options. That’s why she took the lead on passage of a comprehensive study currently underway that will look into the viability and design of a Nevada-specific public health insurance option. She will continue to work on bringing down health care costs while allowing union members and people who have health insurance they like to stay on their current plans.


Nicole also believes that we need to provide more access to mental health services. That’s why she sponsored legislation to create mobile mental health units so that Nevadans have easier access to mental health services they need.


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